The VFG Way

Fred SummersTo Our Clients, Business Partners, Investors and Future Stakeholders:


On January 9, 1991, we founded VFG on three business principles:


  • INTEGRITY – Always do what you say you will do.
  • RESPONSIVENESS – Out respond the competition.
  • COMPETITIVENESS – Always be competitive.


Our business principles haven’t changed.


When you choose VFG, you are selecting a firm that has the capability and desire to provide fast, excellent and decisive service & performance.


Our approach is very streamlined. We don’t place obstacles between us and you. We don’t hide behind voice mails, email or esoteric committees.


We like to get to know our customers. We take the time to listen and learn so that we can create competitively priced and structured solutions to help you meet your business objectives. If we aren’t a fit, we let you know quickly. We don’t want to waste your time or our time.


We hire team members to stay with us for the long term. When you interact with a VFG trusted team member, you will be dealing with a highly trained and highly motivated professional that wants to help you.


VFG has enjoyed continued success, in large part, because our way of doing business is simple and straight-forward.


When you call VFG HQ during business hours, here’s what happens:VFG management team


  • A live person answers the phone usually within two rings.
  • The individual who answers the phone will either take ownership of your request or immediately point you to someone better suited to address your business needs.


We recognize that your time is valuable and that you have a choice regarding who you do business with. So, thank you, for considering doing business with us!


Please contact us today to discuss how we may serve you and close some business together.


Frederick S.Summers