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      Most of our sales representatives, including our CEO, are available to talk before or after office hours. Click here for a staff directory and feel free to call our sales team when it is most convenient for you.

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  • Veteran Owned

    Vision Financial Group, Inc. is a VA certified Veteran-owned small business.

    Are you looking for diversity in your supply chain?  We can help.

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  • Thank you!

    The Monitor names VFG a top 25 privately held independent equipment leasing company.

    We'd like to send a sincere thanks to our customers and business partners. Without your support and confidence, we would not be where we are today. We look forward to continuing our service and friendship with you.


  • Need funding for equipment or software?

    We've got you covered!

    Whether you require a C-Arm for your clinic, Non-Destructive Testing Equipment for your service company, a Bobtail truck for propane delivery, a CNG Refueling Station, or a CNC Lathe for your aerospace parts manufacturing company; we can help.  Since 1991 Vision Financial Group, Inc. has provided funding for a wide variety of equipment and organizations including small business, Fortune 1000 companies, and municipalities.  Please let us know how we might be able to help you by calling 1-888-834-3278 today.

  • We're Bullish on Alternative Energy.

    It's time for America to STOP its addiction to foreign oil.

    Natural Gas is arguably America‚Äôs most abundant, safe and clean burning fuel resource.  Propane gas is a byproduct of domestically produced Natural Gas.  A shift towards reliance on US produced Natural Gas and its safe byproducts like Propane is a strong step towards environmentally and fiscally responsible energy policy.  VFG would like to see America break its addiction to foreign oil, and continue to develop our natural resources including Wind and Solar.  VFG continues to provide funding for commercial and municipal alternative fuel fleet conversions, storage vessels, refueling infrastructure, solar energy, fuel delivery vehicles, and fracking industry support equipment across several States.

  • We Help You Grow Your Business.

    For over 20 years we've fueled business growth.

    Vision Financial Group, Inc. helps empower customers and vendors to achieve their commercial objectives by creating affordable and flexible equipment leasing and financing solutions for the acquisition of most types of capital equipment, software and services that businesses need to function and grow.  If you're an end user, you'll appreciate our ability to structure a lease that meets your tax, accounting and cash flow needs.  If you're a vendor, you'll appreciate our ability to help you shorten your sales cycle and reduce your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).  We help overcome budget constraints and enable customers to start benefitting from new technology and capital equipment sooner rather than later. 

  • What Kind of Flexibility Do You Need?

    It's a puzzle we solve every day. 

    Please help us understand your business.  Is there a ramp-up period before your equipment starts saving or making you money?  Are there a variety of vendors that have unique funding requirements?  Is the equipment customized to be specific to your business and your organization?  Are there financial constraints that require some out-of-the-box thinking?  Our representatives are experts at putting the pieces together to structure transactions that meet your cash flow needs.  The more information you share with us, the better we will be prepared to serve you.

  • Reap the Rewards You've Sown.

    Leasing makes good business sense.

    VFG Leasing & Finance helps empower customers and vendors to achieve their commercial objectives by creating affordable and flexible equipment leasing and financing solutions for the acquisition of all types of capital equipment, software and services that businesses need to function and grow.  Leasing preserves working capital, the life-blood of any business.  Further, when you consider that bank financing typically requires significant money down, a depository relationship, restrictive covenants such as the bank's right to set-off and ongoing financial performance metrics; the cost of leasing is typically less than the cost of bank financing. 

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VFG continues to provide funding for a wide variety of equipment and industries.  Recent examples: $1.7 Million manufacturing equipment... Fortune 500 Company copiers $45,000... $1.3 Million CNG Refueling Station...$85,000 Software... $175,000 Material Handling...$130,000 Used Propane Bobtail....$355,000 Natural Gas Freightliners... and much more...


Commercial & Industrial

VFG has a rich history of working with Commercial & Industrial organizations.

In fact, the very first funding commitment that VFG made in January 1991 was for a steel coil slitting line.

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Fuel Tanks

Alternative Energy

It's time for America to stop its addiction to foreign oil.

We have the technology and knowhow to capitalize on our vast resources in a manner which is both safe and environmentally friendly.

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To keep and build market share, firms must accept the fact that they must change with the times and embrace new and better technologies. The competitive nature of the business world imitates the competitive nature of the "natural" world around us; the strong survive and the weak wither and die - or simply get eaten up.  Read more