Transaction Examples

Since our founding in 1991, VFG has helped thousands of organizations acquire equipment through creative leasing and financing structures.


Our average deal size is close to $200,000 with most transactions larger than $50,000.


We will consider transactions smaller than $50,000 provided the transaction makes good business sense and will present us with future opportunities to grow the relationship with the vendor and/or the customer. (Fact: We generated over $27,000,000 in business with a single customer simply because we were willing to provide this same customer with a $5,000 convenience equipment lease at the beginning of the relationship. So, needless to say, we will listen to any reasonable request.)


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We are thankful and proud of the success we’ve enjoyed over the past 25+ years. Perhaps your organization will benefit from our offerings and become part of our next success story?


To better familiarize you with our offerings, below is a sampling of actual transactions we’ve completed:


Transaction Examples


I. Equipment for $370,000

The customer wanted to acquire 7 units of equipment immediately. There was only room in the budget for 3 units. A lease was structured to accommodate the customer’s budget: 1 payment now, 1 payment in 10 months, customer then owns the equipment.


II. Equipment for $20,000,000

The customer’s business grew much quicker than it had anticipated. A financing partner that was willing to fund highly specialized energy equipment and had fast access to major capital markets was needed. VFG delivered.


III. Equipment for $158,000

Solution: Two (2) back to back 11-month rentals which required VFG to take significant residual value risk in order for the transaction structure(s) to meet the exact needs of the customer.


IV. Equipment for $130,000

Customer is a major international petroleum production company that needed equipment for offshore operations.


V. Equipment for $500,000

A Fortune 500® customer needed creative operating lease structures for multiple IT equipment acquisitions. VFG provided a flexible Master Lease line of credit that enabled the customer to effortlessly coordinate several equipment acquisitions.


VI. Equipment for $1,300,000

A Fortune 500® US Government contractor needed laboratory and non-destructive testing equipment. A FASB compliant Operating Lease was provided.


VII. Equipment for $1,700,000

The customer was acquiring very specialized foreign made manufacturing equipment. The OEM required significant progress payments to be made during production and prior to shipping. VFG met the requirements.


VIII. Equipment for $1,400,000

Customer chose to expand into a totally new business venture and new market. Recognizing that revenue ramp-up would take several months, VFG provided a solution that allowed the customer to make very low payments for several months at the onset of the lease.