Tommy Fleming


Tom Fleming joined VFG in July 2012. Tom brings an impressive array of beneficial experiences to any customer or vendor that has the chance to work with him.


For almost 40 years, he was the owner of a Home Center in Triad, NC. Life as an entrepreneur helped give Tom the ability to look through the customer’s eyes and put emphasis on what the customer wants and expects.


In 1998, Tom was one of the three founding Directors of a mid-size community bank that still exists. This experience provided a unique background for Tom to enter the commercial finance and leasing business with VFG.


“Having the excellent support that I have received from the team here at VFG has been a critical game changer for me – especially with being the most seasoned ‘leasing rookie’ VFG ever hired!”, Tom says. He continues, “I am amazed at how talented my fellow co-workers are, but more amazed at the sharing attitude they display. It resonates throughout the entire company culture and makes working hard a lot more enjoyable.”


A great network of friends and business connections, along with a clear understanding of how to address challenges by rolling up his sleeves and jumping right in, has led to successful business development in the Southeast and beyond for Tom on behalf of VFG.


Tom is active in local community affairs and is a very active leader in his family’s Methodist Church. Tom’s involvement in his community led him to be Mayor Pro-tem of his town and later Chairman of the County Commissioners.


Tom believes that hard work, patience, candor, respect and a great positive attitude are essential to being successful in any type of work. To Tom, work equates to service.


He explains, “The major advantages I help bring to our customers and vendor partners stem from my experiences as a business owner, bank director, and community servant. I can truly relate to folks on a level beyond what can be taught in a classroom. I have a strong desire to help organizations reach business objectives. This includes both businesses and city and council governments. I recognize the value of preserving working capital and using lease financing as a tool for growth.”


Tom completed his schooling at Western Carolina University in 1968 and has been married to his wife, Vicki, for over 45 years. The couple have a daughter and are blessed with two grandsons. Tom loves sports and has a passion for golf. (Rumor has it that he is a dangerous southpaw that hits the ball a long,long way.) He is a fan of UNC Basketball, the Atlanta Braves, and MOST OF ALL, the Georgia Bulldogs.