The Team

Executive Management

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William P. Summers


Email Bill Summers
843-276-7718 (cell)
412-539-0244 (direct fax)
Franklin, TN


Conrad J. Eimers

President and COO

Email Connie Eimers
888-834-3278 ext. 218
412-539-0218 (desk)
412-539-0228 (direct fax)
Bradenton, FL


Kimberly S. Smith

CFO & Chief Administrative Officer

Email Kim Smith
888-834-3278 ext. 223
412-539-0374 (desk)
412-539-0238 (direct fax)
Pittsburgh HQ


Frederick S. Summers


Email Fred Summers
888-834-3278 ext. 280
706-991-9938 (desk)
404-451-1015 (cell)
412-539-0242 (direct fax)
Highlands, NC
Naples, FL


Louis P. Brill

Sr. Vice President of Syndications

Email Lou Brill
888-834-3278 ext. 204
412-539-0368 (desk)
412-539-0233 (direct fax)
Pittsburgh HQ


Gary DiFrank

Sr. Vice President of Credit Operations

Email Gary DiFrank
888-834-3278 ext. 214
412-539-0371 (desk)
412-539-1599 (direct fax)
Pittsburgh HQ

Kim Flowers 250×275 v3

Kimberly Flowers

Sr. Vice President & Director of Operations

Email Kimberly Flowers
888-834-3278 ext. 222
412-539-0378 (desk)
412-539-0237 (direct fax)
Pittsburgh HQ


Kevin Canepa

Sr. Vice President & Director of Sales

Email Kevin Canepa
603-957-0056 (cell)
603-664-7344 (desk)
412-539-0377 (fax)
Dover, NH

Sales & Marketing

Cory 250×275

Cory Alsip

VP of Sales & Asset Management

Email Cory Alsip
812-455-2247 (cell)
Franklin, TN


Stephen Baron

Sr. Vice President of Sales

Email Steve Baron
888-834-3278 ext. 224
412-539-0375 (desk)
412-400-8888 (cell)
412-539-0239 (direct fax)
Pittsburgh HQ


Ryan Byrne

VP of Sales

Email Ryan Byrne
888-834-3278 ext. 216
603-343-2827 (desk)
603-852-8789 (cell)
412-539-0211 (direct fax)
Dover, NH


Tommy Fleming

Regional Sales Manager

Email Tommy Fleming
888-834-3278 ext. 230
336-998-2825 (desk)
336-940-7049 (cell)
412-539-0243 (fax)
Advance, NC
Myrtle Beach, SC

Martin Headshot 250×275

Phil Martin

VP of Business Development

Email Phil Martin
248-207-0956 (cell)
Detroit, MI

Ben McLoughlin 250×275

Ben McLoughlin

VP of Sales

Email Ben McLoughlin
603-731-3488 (cell)
Dover, NH

Paula 250×275

Paula Summers

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Email Paula Summers
843-200-9470 (cell)
412-539-0249 (direct fax)
Charleston, SC

Mac 250×275

Mackenzie Nehring

Sales & Marketing Associate

Email Mackenzie Nehring
714-866-6811 (cell)
Franklin, TN

Jessica Rush-250-x-275

Jessica Rush

Account Manager

Email Jessica Rush
843-737-2635 (cell)
Summerville, SC


Jim Winfield

Director of Strategic Accounts

Email Jim Winfield
888-834-3278 ext. 252
412-417-0826 (cell)
412-539-0227 (direct fax)
Pittsburgh HQ

Hunter 250×275

Hunter Barrow

Account Manager

Email Hunter Barrow
(864) 906-8350 (cell)
Charleston, SC

Image Coming Soon 250×275

Jonathon Dellicarpini

Sales Coordinator

Email Jonathon Delli Carpini
Pittsburgh HQ


Matt Andersen 250×275-2

Matt Andersen

Credit Analyst

Email Matt Andersen
888-834-3278 ext. 217
Pittsburgh HQ


Nick Balzer

Credit Analyst

Email Nick Balzer
888-834-3278 ext. 212
412-539-0373 (desk)
Pittsburgh HQ

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Ron Rudolf

Credit Analyst

Email Ron Rudolf
888-834-3278 ext. 230
412-951-4046 (desk)
Pittsburgh HQ



Brandi Brown

Operations Specialist

Email Brandi Brown
888-834-3278 ext. 234
412-539-0366 (desk)
Pittsburgh HQ


Cindy Keefer

Operations Specialist

Email Cindy Keefer
888-834-3278 ext. 216
412-539-0224 (desk)
412-539-0223 (direct fax)
Pittsburgh HQ


Pamela M. Mitchell

Accounts Mgr. & Collections

Email Pam Mitchell
1-888-834-3278 ext. 225
1-412-539-0376 (desk)
412-539-0240 (direct fax)
Pittsburgh HQ


Jessie Simmers

Operations Specialist

Email Jessie Simmers
888-834-3278 ext. 274
412-539-1599 (direct fax)
Pittsburgh HQ

Alex S 2 JPEG 250×275-2

Alexandria Singleton

Operations Specialist

Email Alex Singleton
888-834-3278 ext. 200
412-539-0366 (desk)
Pittsburgh HQ

Megan 250×275

Megan Andrews

Office Manager

Email Megan Andrews
Pittsburgh HQ


Joseph Mutterspaugh

Customer Experience Specialist

Email Joseph Mutterspaugh
Pittsburgh HQ


Image Coming Soon 250×275

Alijah Buckham

Staff Accountant

Email Alijah Buckham
Pittsburgh HQ

Amber 250x275V2

Amber Karlheim

Staff Accountant

Email Amber Karlheim
Pittsburgh HQ

_1000854-LK-2 Edit 250×275

Laurie Karlheim

Senior Staff Accountant

Email Laurie Karlheim
888-834-3278 ext. 207
412-539-0207 (desk)
Pittsburgh HQ

Information Technology

Donny Salesforce V4 250×275

Donny Rosales

Salesforce Administrator

Email Donny Rosales
San Antonio, TX