Robert Burbeck


With a successful career in the equipment leasing & finance industry spanning more than 25 years, as well as owning and operating his own entrepreneurial businesses, Robert Burbeck has always kept one basic thought in mind throughout his long career: “As success and challenges have come and gone, my wife and I have always believed that no matter how tough a decision may be at the moment, if you do the morally and ethically right thing, it will ultimately pay dividends in your life.” The long-standing relationships between Robert, his vendors and customers are a testament to this ideal.


In addition to his many years in equipment finance; Robert, in partnership with his wife, has experience in running a small production company. They specialize in professional photography and small digital cinema projects. The technical knowledge and family involvement has led to important high profile projects including the management of over 400 production volunteers during the 1996 Olympics for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Atlanta, GA.


Robert was raised primarily in southern California and Portland, Oregon. While attending Portland State University, he was offered a chance by Orix Credit Alliance, his then current employer, to relocate to Atlanta, GA to start a small ticket vendor office. Prior to joining VFG, Robert worked for several highly regarded equipment leasing and financing companies such as CIT Group, Sterling Bank, TCF Equipment Finance and CNH Capital.


The desire to help build and grow a company with a closely knit group of highly dedicated and experienced people led him to VFG. “When approached by VFG to join the team, I was struck by how positive and energetic the group was. There is room for a lot of growth and I look forward to bringing my knowledge and experience to help expand VFG’s base of vendors across the country.”


Robert has a keen understanding of multiple industry verticals. His successful track record along with his abilities to provide excellence to vendor relationships sets the stage for a perfect marriage with VFG’s ability to meet the objectives and service a broad spectrum of clientele and vendors.