Paula Summers Murphy



Paula joined VFG in March of 2017 as Director of Business Development in Charleston, South Carolina.


Paula graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering. After a 17-year career in the Real Estate Development Industry (which included Environmental Site Assessments, Managing Land Development, and Engineering Projects), she joined VFG and brought along with her the valuable project management skills and engineering expertise she developed along the way.


Paula says the team at VFG is second to none in the industry and she is proud to be part of a company with such high integrity.


Thanks to her engineering background, Paula quickly grasps complex technologies and processes. As a critical thinker and analytic problem solver, she has a keen ability to truly dive deep, understand, and listen to her customer’s business and equipment needs. She strives to provide a high level of personal attention to every opportunity she encounters.


Paula is a Board Member of the City of Charleston Board of Zoning Appeals and Co-Chair for the ISRI Women in Recycling Council. When she isn’t busy crafting creative finance solutions, Paula enjoys a headstand on her yoga mat, a good volley on the tennis court, and cheering for her son Colin on the courts or the stage.