Offer Financing To Your Customers

The same flexible lease and finance benefits offered to our clients are available for yours.


The most successful equipment vendors make it policy to always present lease financing options to each and every prospective customer as part of their sales strategy. Those that do are rewarded with more sales closings and are proven to be more successful than equipment providers who don’t.


Vision Financial Group, Inc. (VFG) helps equipment sales teams meet and exceed their sales objectives, in less time, by providing lease financing tools and solutions that customers want and need.


We possess deep expert knowledge that stems from having successfully teamed with a wide variety of equipment vendors through the years. We stand ready to implement our skills to assist your team with closing more business because the more we help you, the more successful we become.


Our professional underwriting team can quickly ascertain the creditworthiness of prospective customers. This gives you a performance driven competitive edge that helps your team qualify prospects and opportunities. VFG helps you save time and money by helping you focus on the opportunities that really matter.


Next, we help you separate the shoppers from the buyers by giving your sales team real closing tools and methods that are proven time and again to work.


VFG excels at structuring and delivering lease financing solutions that meet the exact cash flow, tax and accounting needs of your customers. We provide the exact funding needed for you and your team to efficiently and professionally close more sales.


Please contact us today to discuss how a relationship with VFG will result in your team closing more business in less time.