Megan Heppner


Megan Heppner joined VFG’s accounting staff in 2017. Prior to coming on board at VFG, she was an Accountant in the mortgage service, steel, and building products industries where she spent roughly 10 years honing her skills. She earned her Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Accounting from the University of Phoenix. She earned her Associates degree in Accounting from Bryant & Stratton College. Megan believes whole-heartedly in self-improvement and is currently working to obtain her Master’s in Accounting at Southern New Hampshire University.


Megan proudly hails from Buffalo, NY. She and her husband have three children and reside in Pittsburgh. When she’s not crunching numbers and making journal entries, she enjoys catching up on her favorite TV shows, crocheting and trying to knock down as many pins as possible with a heavy ball while fellowshipping with friends.