Kimberly Smith


For more than twenty-five years Kimberly Smith has been the heart of Vision Financial Group.


Having just graduated from Duff’s Business Institute in Pittsburgh, Kim Smith met Fred Summers for the first time in 1988 while interviewing for a job as an Administrative Assistant at Joy Finance Company. Realizing that good people are hard to find, when Fred made a career move to Capital Associates International in 1989 he soon persuaded Kim to follow him. Kim and Fred have been a successful and inseparable team ever since.


Kim and Fred set up Vision Financial Group, Inc. together in 1991.


Kim continued her education and earned both her Bachelor’s and MBA degrees from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh while working full time for VFG. While her responsibility, authority, expertise and knowledge have increased many times over, VFG’s entire operations have evolved under Kim’s leadership, organizational, and managerial skills. Kim is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer for VFG. She also owns equity in the company. There isn’t a VFG customer relationship that hasn’t benefited from Kim’s many years of contribution to the company.


Kim and her husband Jim have one son. Kim has been a long-time supporter of the AIM at Melanoma Foundation which raises funds for Melanoma research.