Fred Bence

Fred began working at Vision Financial Group in 2013, where he worked in several capacities. After four years at VFG, he moved on to two different companies. Where he expanded his knowledge of finances and financial analysis, this experience led him back to VFG. As Controller, it is his responsibility to oversee all daily operations of our accounting team.


As a manager, he values patience and understanding, the input of fellow employees, and respecting the importance of a work-life balance. He believes in assessing obstacles from all points of view before developing a rushed perspective. Keeping a calm mindset allows him to separate himself from stressful situations and develop appropriate, effective responses.


Growing up, Fred lived in a few different states. He was born in Chicago, and moved to North Carolina before moving to Pittsburgh, where he has spent most of his life. He considers home to be wherever his loved ones are.


He is engaged to his fiancé, Marissa and in his off time you can find Fred cultivating his creativity through art. Painting and drawing are some of his hidden talents and allows him to decompress. He also enjoys traveling to as many places as possible, as well as, playing with his dog Daisy.