Ben McLoughlin


Ben began his financing career at CIT Bank back in 2015. While there he worked in the vendor segment cultivating and maintaining relationships. He moved to Marlin Capital Solutions in 2019 where he continued to excel at building rapport with new customers.


Ben grew up in rural New Hampshire surrounded by mountains and lakes which he credits for his ongoing love of the great outdoors. Growing up in a small town of 1500 people gave him an appreciation for the value of building close relationships.


Ben joined VFG in part because our culture emphasizes providing unparalleled quality services to our customers. His outlook on some other companies is that they tend to strap salespeople to a desk and demand numbers at any cost. Ben’s values resonated well with our importance on industry knowledge, as well as our approach to evaluate the specific needs of our customers and find a way that makes the most sense for how they structure their business.


Ben values integrity above all else. He tries never to sweat the small stuff and believes in being able to laugh at yourself when things don’t go your way. For fun, he takes many trips to the White Mountains where he renovates his family’s cabin. He likes woodworking and snowboarding in his spare time. He occasionally plays golf but appreciates the experience with a cold beer in his cart more than the competition. He also enjoys spending time with his longtime girlfriend Meghan and their dog Opal.