Alexandria Singleton


Alexandria Singleton (“Alex”) joined VFG in 2019 as Office Manager. It is her professional voice you will most often hear first when you dial into VFG’s headquarters.


As Office Manager, Alex is charged with ensuring that the general business operations of the company run in a smooth, efficient and professional manner. Alex brings an impressive set of skills to our team including customer service, sales, management, marketing, human resources, problem-solving, financial reporting, auditing, cash management and logistics.


Prior to joining VFG, she was employed in multiple supervisory positions and brings a high level of organizational experience to our team. Alex understands the value of teamwork and a thoughtful process. She recognizes that a well-run business must have high standards, be willing to be honest with itself, be willing to embrace change, and must always look for ways to improve its customer experience.


Alex enjoys the rapid pace at VFG and appreciates the fact that she is getting a chance to learn new skills while expanding her responsibilities. She loves the company culture and feels that “the team is in it together.” Having worked at bigger organizations, she continues to stress that we must never lose our personal touch and that we can’t let our customers and business partners ever feel that they are just a number or “lost in the shuffle.”


Alex was born in Pittsburgh to a military family. Her father was a Medical Technician in the US Navy. In addition to her being a Pittsburgher, Alex is also a child of the South since she spent much of her formative years in Virginia, Texas and Louisiana.


She moved back to Pittsburgh in 2012 to be close to family. Although she loves all that the ‘Burgh has to offer, she has a warm space in her heart for Hampton, VA. She spent most of her years growing up there, has fond memories of the ocean, loves the diverse mix of people, appreciates Virginia’s history, and claims that you can’t get better seafood anywhere else.


Outside of work, Alex enjoys spending her time reading, cooking her favorite southern recipes, and slaying imaginary dragons via gaming. If she were going to cook for any celebrity it would be JK Rowling. There would be a major throwdown involving fried tilapia, baked mac n’ cheese, green beans with onions, and even some homemade banana pudding for dessert!